Driving Lessons

Cost: Students $60 Adults $65 per one hour lesson.

*conditions apply*

Restricted Licence Training

After you have passed the Learners Licence Theory Test, you can start to learn to drive on the road.

Getting started can be a challenging time for any learner.

To help learners over come this A1 has a range of dual controlled vehicles that can make this initial step a lot safer and easier.

All lessons are usually one hour long and include a free pickup and drop off, our weekend lessons are at no extra cost. Restricted Licence Training is available for your Restricted licence from your first lesson through to helping you prepare for the driving test. Lessons follow the N.Z.T.A. approved driver training syllabus and you will be kept up to date with your progress as you go along. We can also allow you to use the car you are learning to drive in to sit the test, with the instructor's approval.

Full Licence Training

Training in this area is based on hazard recognition training, which is the focus of the Full Licence Test.

You will be taught all the skills you will need to pass the test. This can often be completed in just a one-hour session to help you gain a successful out come to your test.

Contact us for more information or use the booking form below.

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